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Marian Jackson Marian Jackson was born in Liverpool, England, lived for 36 years in West Palm Beach, Florida and moved to Lebanon Ohio in 2002 to be closer to family, as her husband John was born there.

Marian has been a member of the Society of Decorative Painters since 1975 and although mostly self taught, has been lucky enough to have had seminars with some wonderful teachers.  She passed her Certification in 1981 and began teaching.  Mostly through  life's circumstances rather than intent, long periods of time were between her entries for the Master Levels.  She passed her Master Stroke in 1989 on the first try, Floral in 1997on the second try and Still Life in 2005 on the third try.  She has served several years as a judge with SDP's Certification Program and served on several committees since becoming a Master Decorative Artist.

Painting mostly in oils and colored pencils, Marian stresses theory and application rather than the project.

Marian also owns and operates a Web Development company ( on a full time basis. 

Her husband John supports her painting, helping out at teaching seminars and often travels to conventions with her. Their two sons started painting at ages 10 and 12 and Marian kept their paintings and still enjoys them even though they are both married and living in other states. Those happy days will never be forgotten.

Marian continues to enjoy learning and experimenting with other mediums and surfaces.