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    columbinecopywebNow available on my website: marianjackson.com

    8 pages includes: 8 step-by photos, 1 full color step-by-step, 1 full page color photo, line drawing.

    Uses Canson Mi Tientes, #131 Twilight, 8 x 10 and Prismacolor Wax pencils.

    Very suitable for Beginners.

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    YelloMJrosesmall2w Rose is my second project for 2015 on the Colored Pencils Club. I’m thinking also of the possibility of several background color choices. I didn’t want to get this too complicated as we have so many beginners subscribing, but I believe you will learn something regardless and it’s interesting enough for advanced painters. Always fun to put your own spin on an painting like this.

    The subscription is $110 for 12 projects by numerous National and International artist, many with videos to go along with the written instructions. My classes will have videos. This online course is like a mini convention that you attend in your own time frame. Classes are available until December 31, 2015.

    Please subscribe if you haven’t already using this link as it’s the only way we get paid. Looking forward to this joint venture with you. Gift Certificates are available also.
    Click here to visit Colored Pencils Club.

    The Colander & Plums goes live
    January 1, 2015


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    Just in time for last minute Christmas Gifts. An online video class, just like looking over my shoulder. Just $25  Gift Certificates available at marianjackson.com

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    Many new colored pencil painters don’t know what wax bloom is or how to recognize or remove it.  This is a 48 second video that shows you what it is.  I don’t use anything other than a soft make up pad, or cotton ball to lightly wipe the wax away. Seeing is believing.

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    Candy Canes – a Colored Pencils Tutorial available now on my website. Just in time to make hand made Holiday cards. Instant delivery upon your return from PayPal.

    Candy Canes – a Colored Pencil Tutorial suitable for beginners or intermediate painters.  $10

    Contains: 3 pages of instructions, 1 page size color photo, 1 page size step-by-step photo for a total of 5 pages.

    This design was originally presented in The Decorative Painter.



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    Watch a short video on Protecting your Painting while you Paint with Colored Pencils.  If you would like to see more Helpful Hint videos like this, from other artists, consider subscribing to the Colored Pencils Club.

    12 months of Online Classes – written tutorials with step-by-step photos, video clips on the different techniques used by the artist and a wide variety of subjects.

    One new class per month, notification by email with the classroom password.  To view other projects please visit my website.  marianjackson.com
    It is important to use the affiliated link from my website as this is how I get paid.


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    This is a larger painting but the technique is the same.  It was fun to paint with brighter colors and use the value of the paper to control the intensity. Available from my website.

    11 pages; 15 color images, 1 line drawing.  The format of this tutorial is a little different as I have not done step-by-step images for each blossom. There are too many. Each blossom has a color photo with instructions written next to it so that you can work from  it.

    Blue Orchids

    Blue Orchids


    Paper: Black Stonehenge, un-textured side. I cut mine 16×20 to match the mat size, but a smaller size would also work.

    Prismacolor Wax Pencils used in this painting.

    Blue Violet Lake Indigo Blue
    Cerulean Blue Light Aquamarine
    Chartreuse Light Cerulean Blue
    China Blue Mediterranean Blue
    Cobalt Turquoise Muted Turquoise
    Cool Grey 10% Parrot Green
    Cool Grey 30% Peacock Blue
    Cool Grey 50% Periwinkle
    Cool Grey 70% Powder Blue
    Cool Grey 90% Prussian Green
    Copenhagen Blue Slate Blue
    Cream Sienna Brown * tiny amount
    Indanthrone Blue White



  • Colored Pencils 11.11.2013 Comments Off on Grey pencils

    I use the Griseille method of painting quite a bit, both in oils and colored pencils.  Griseille – a grey scale painting of your final image.  In the case of colored pencils, I use it to control the intensity of a color by laying down a first layer of grey.

    So, in Prismacolor, there are 3 greys. Cool Grey; Warm Grey and French Grey.  Choosing Cool or Warm seems to be self explanatory, but when would French Greys be used? To answer that question I had to make a color chart with all Greys.  It s shown below.

    When all 3 are side by side, it seems to me that Warm Greys are more neutral, and French Grey is warmer.  There are also strong value changes as the value gets darker in all 3.

    I am experimenting with Lyra Oil based pencils in an effort to avoid wax bloom, so I added the grey range in those pencils also. There are 3 black. You can see that they relate to the Prismacolor range in one or the other.

    I hope you find this interesting and will make your own charts as I do, in an effort to learn.